Customer Support

Face International Corporation offers a wide spectrum of engineering and technical services in various engineering disciplines. It has extensively involved itself in the catering of customers seeking solutions to various engineering problems aimed at but not limited to aerospace, automotive, biomedical and commercial industrial applications. Our project goals have been realized through a highly motivated team of engineers, lab technicians and machine shop personnel.

The lab is well equipped with modern engineering test equipment as well as design, analysis and modeling computer tools. Our engineering team is capable of accomplishing complex engineering feats of varied discipline. Face International Corporation has an extensive record working for leading government organizations and private firms striving towards cutting edge technology. We have also successfully provided technical designs and estimations and even developed prototypes for small firms working under limited budget.

The equipment used in the manufacturing process of Thunder actuators and Lightning energy harvesters/sensors are modern and very versatile and can be used in the manufacture of many different types of layered composite materials. We have the capability to help reaserch and engineering companies in need of fabricating such materials.

The Face machine shop is equipped with state of the art CNC machining centers each with multiple machining features. It also has traditional lathes, drills and mills and a number of other common workshop machinery. The machine shop staff are formally trained and highly experienced personnel adept in fabricating the most complex mechanical structures.

Our machine shop has a proven track record of accomplishing tasks with extraordinary precision and efficiency. Practically, our machine shop has the capability of performing almost any type of machining and part fabrication job. Our machine shop is capable of providing services to customers in need of mechanical parts with complex make up, precise tolerance and high quality finish. If you need such fabrication, just send us the drawings and we will deliver the final product to you with due efficiency and gurantee complete satisfaction. We can also create the detailed drawings ourselves for you as a further assistance from our side.


We, at Face International Corporation, are always looking for new technical challenges and engineering opportunities for working in a variety of fields. If you need assistance overcoming obstacles in your engineering endeavors be it design and analysis, testing or part fabrication, please call us or e-mail us and we will put forth our best effort to help you achieve your goals.