Thunder/Lightning technology represents The New Power in Higher Performance for piezoelectric actuators, energy harvesters and sensors. Rugged, robust and reliable, Thunder and Lightning introduce a powerful new family of ultra-high displacement piezoelectric devices. Thunder and Lightning project a powerful solution in applications concerning industrial, aerospace, automotive and biomedical products as well as commercial products focused towards a global consumer market.

The unique multi-layer composite structure allows these versatile products to offer exceptional performance with the promise of significant benefits to a variety of applications.

Thunder devices find applications as actuators and Lightning generators are used in energy harvesting and sensor applications.

Face’s flexible, yet durable, Lightning generators first created a wide range of interest in the energy harvesting and sensor markets more than 15 years ago… spurring the Powered Naturallyrevolution.

A number of engineering and scientific research groups have shown interest in Thunder/Lightning technology since Face International Corporation started its production and this interest has been growing ever since. Our Thunder/Lightning products have been successfully implemented by a number of research organizations, leading institutions and commercial industries. An increasing number of research projects have been initiated to replace conventional mechanical systems with Thunder/Lightning incorporated mechanisms to enhance system reliability, performance, miniaturization and development cost.

Technical Papers on Thunder

Face Internation Corporation has a number of publications on Thunder device technology. Many other research organizations and universities have also published technical papers related to Thunders. Some of such publications are given below:

Characterization of Different types of High Performance THUNDER® Actuators

Modeling Aspects Concerning THUNDER® Actuators

Evaluation Criteria for THUNDER® Actuators