Face International Corporation, a Face® Company, presents

Thunder® and Lightning® represent the ultimate in high performance piezoelectric actuators, generators, energy harvesters and sensors. Extraordinarily rugged, robust and reliable, they offer ultra-high displacement, well beyond the performance of other piezoelectric devices.

These characteristics make Thunder® and Lightning® powerful solutions in a number of challenging industrial, aerospace, automotive and bio-medical applications.

Face® International Corporation is the only manufacturer of Thunder® and Lightning®. Face® holds exclusive and non-exclusive licenses from NASA and an extensive patent portfolio related to the design, manufacture and application of these product.

Face’s® Lightning® piezo technology introduced the Evergreen® revolution more than 15 years ago and is used in the battery-less Lightning Switch®.  Lightning Switch® has won both the coveted NOVA and SPIE Product Implementation Awards. It has also been named as one of the top 20 NASA spin-off technologies of the early 21st century.

Face offers extensive customer support and the ability to make specialty products for the development of new applications.

Experimental quantities of Thunder® and Lightning® are now available for sale.